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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Movie Quotes!! - The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes

"Elementary, my dear Watson" - Basil Rathbone - The Adventures Of Sherlock Holmes


Idle Thoughts

Just some thoughts while wondering what they are going to blame on Obama next....

While waiting for the New York Jets and New England Patriots football game to begin at 4:00 a couple of Sundays ago, I watched the Minnesota Vikings - Miami Dolphins game at 1:00. I swear to God (even though he doesn’t like it,) I don’t understand what the media’s fascination with Brett Farve is. Are they amazed that he’s still playing? Are they in awe over the fact that he’s still standing? Is he blackmailing them somehow? After every play, they cut to shot of him for his reaction. Every play! It’s almost like the director was thinking “Yeah, we have a pretty good game here but....Oh my God! There’s Brett Farve!!” I just don’t get it......

There is a news anchorman on our local station in Boston named Jack Williams. He has been on Channel 4 for about close to thirty years now and for a good majority of those years, he has been doing a weekly segment called “Wednesday’s Child.” For each segment, he spotlights a child, a lot of them being special needs, who would like to be adopted. Not only do many of them have developmental problems but every one of them is an older child. You can really tell Mr. Williams just loves doing these reports and it’s a wonderful thing. There is a special place in heaven waiting for him........

Have you noticed the KIA Sorrento is the official sponsor of the National Basketball Asociation, even though it’s a compact car and none of the NBA players would fit in it? Besides, half of them wouldn’t be caught dead driving one. “Hey man! What happened to your Escalade?”........

I’ve said it before, and I will say it again and again and again. ESPN does the worst football coverage in the history of televised sports. If I here Chris Berman say one more time “He-just-might-go-all-the-way!”, I will send a really nasty letter! I swear I will! Plus, I will keep bitching about it until they no longer do NFL games. That’ll show them........

Tom Brady really needs to get a haircut and get one now. Tom you just signed a new contract and your wife is worth something 4 billion dollars. Go down to Guido’s barber shop and get it done, okay? It’s reached the point where it’s really starting to piss me off.......

Those commercials for E*Trade with the talking baby would be kind of cute if the baby wasn’t such a douche bag........

On the other hand, Geico Insurance has been running a bunch of commercials that are hysterically funny. My favorites are the ones with the little pig yelling “Whee! Whee! Whee!” all the way home and the Marine drill instructor as a psychiatrist......

Then there are a bunch of ads that Direct TV have been running. In each one, they show someone who is a die hard fan for his particular team and when they realize that someone in thier presence has Direct TV and are able to watch THIER team whenever they want, they plot all kind of nasty things against them. My favorite is the New Orleans Saints fan talking about a new neighbor who can now watch his beloved Atlanta Falcons when he wants. It shows the Falcons fan taking out the trash and suddenly falling to the ground. Cut back to the Saints fan who is revealed to be sticking a pin in a voodoo doll dressed like the Falcons fan. It’s great........

Wouldn’t it be nice if BP used all the money they have pissed off patting themselves on the back in their commercials, was spent instead on helping the Gulf Coast?.....

I am always looking for an argument so please feel free to make a comment. Have a good one.

Best line of the weekend. Frank Caliendo, as John Madden on the Fox Sports pre-game show. In regard to Brett Farve retiring, he said “If I wanted to watch an old man suffering, I would watch Terry Bradshaw trying to read!”

Carol Beer - The Worst Receptionist In The World!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Movie Quotes! - Ace Ventura, Pet Detective!

"All-righty then!" - Jim Carrey - Ace Ventura, Pet Detective - 1994

Top Ten Outrageous Reality Shows

I have to say there are some reality shows that I like. I like "The Amazing Race" for instance. But there are some that are just a plague on our society. Here are the Top Ten according to MSNBC.Com.

Craig Ferguson Is Crazy!!

NFL Week Three

Sunday, September 26, 2010

San Francisco 49'ers - 10
Kansas City Chiefs - 31
Tennessee Titans - 29
New York Giants - 10
Pittsburgh Steelers - 38
Tampa Bay Buccaneers - 13
Detroit Lions - 10
Minnesota Vikings - 24
Atlanta Falcons - 27
New Orleans Saints - 24
Cleveland Browns - 17
Baltimore Ravens - 24
Buffalo Bills - 30
New England Patriots - 38
Cincinnati Bengals - 20
Carolina Panthers - 7
Dallas Cowboys - 27
Houston Texans - 13
Washington Redskins - 16
St. Louis Rams - 30
Philadelphia Eagles - 28
Jacksonville Jaguars - 3
San Diego Chargers - 20
Seattle Seahawks - 27
Oakland Raiders - 23
Arizona Cardinals - 24
Indianapolis Colts - 27
Denver Broncos - 13
New York Jets - 31
Miami Dolphins - 23

Monday, September 27, 2010

Green Bay Packers - 17
Chicago Bears - 20


Bronx Beat

I love these two. They remind me of women I grew up with in Revere, Mass.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010


NFL Week Two

Sunday, September 19, 2010
Buffalo Bills - 7
Green Bay Packers - 34
Baltimore Ravens - 10
Cincinnati Bengals - 15
Pittsburgh Steelers - 19
Tennessee Titans - 11
Chicago Bears - 27
Dallas Cowboys - 20
Philadelphia Eagles - 35
Detroit Lions - 32
Tampa Bay Buccaneers - 20
Carolina Panthers - 7
Arizona Cardinals - 7
Atlanta Falcons - 41
Kansas City Chiefs - 16
Cleveland Browns - 14
Miami Dolphins - 14
Minnesota Vikings - 10
Seattle Seahawks - 14
Denver Broncos - 31
St. Louis Rams - 14
Oakland Raiders - 16
Houston Texans - 30
Washington Redskins - 27
Jacksonville Jaguars - 13
San Diego Chargers - 38
New England Patriots - 14
New York Jets - 28
New York Giants - 14
Indianapolis Colts - 38

Monday, September 20, 2010
New Orleans Saints - 25
San Francisco 49'ers - 22